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Negroni “Life is full of sweet moments, and full of bitter ones.This cocktail reminds you that bitter moments are preceded by sweet ones, and around we go. The dance of bitter Campari, rich-sweet vermouth and gin signals to us that balance is a part of life, and when you embrace it, it can be savored as much at the perfect bittersweetness of the Negroni.” …decadent.In a tight column, it lifts above the mouth of the glass and, with perfect, unblemished turgor and tumescence, hints of the youth and fecundity latent in a hot summer night.” “Some things do not require a magnifying glass, a Ph. Nineteen Feet of Sexy was conceived in this notion: perfectly ripe local peaches, placed smartly in a gin sour with lemon verbena, lemon, egg white and house-made local sassafras sweet vermouth. Recoil with joy, be giggly and be happy.” Why should a friendly game of cornhole be reserved strictly for tailgating?At Blue Mountain, you can pitch a few bean bags while waiting for your plate or sit under the twinkling white lights strung above the patio.Having this cocktail as dessert or meal-substitute is a perfectly rational and historically appropriate decision.” …amorous.Ramos Gin Fizz “Gin, citrus, cream, egg white, orange essence and soda.It’s hard work with little reward but you learn a helluva lot.One thing we learned is what we were good at and where our interests lay. When we thought about what our business would look like we had three requirements: We could do what we were passionate about, not be in each other’s way and be home for supper with our daughters.

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We each did our time working in the New York food world—from bar food to baking to fine dining.

By 8am, the customers start rolling in, sometimes without breaks in between.

“Some mornings we get absolutely demolished for breakfast, and it can be three of us just keeping up with tickets,” Ashworth says.

It’s a regional New Orleans riff on the Old Fashioned, another classic and classy epidemic in Europe in the late 19th century.

But let’s focus on impressing your date with less, rather than more.” …burdened by the passage of time.

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