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Amy is short-tempered, headstrong, anxious, feisty, shy, passionate, smart, respectful, and mature.

Amy is know to get very upset whenever she is not being listened to especially by her boyfriend Charlie.

Charlie mostly rushed their relationship, but Amy wasn't in a hurry, Charlie would get upset whenever Amy denies to have sex with him.

She didn't believe Charley when he claimed that his neighbor, Jerry Dandrige, was a vampire.Amy did not want him to attempt murder so she and Ed went to Peter Vincent for help, he is the man who used to be the great vampire killer.Charlie also became jealous after seeing Amy's reaction when Jerry kissed her hand.Amy and Charlie were later being pursued by Jerry, they duo went into a dance club to hide in after being trapped by Jerry.Amy was beginning to get scared but Charlie promised that he wasn't going to let Jerry get her.

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