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With the Wesal service, a prospective groom receives a woman’s address when the two have exchanged “likes” online.The man then has 48 hours to propose, something still typically done over the traditional coffee at her home.Its founder knows his demographic well: residents of the religiously conservative Gaza Strip, with its culture of resistance.Some 1,400 men have been killed in the three wars with Israel since 2008, leaving many widows who would like to remarry.

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Wesal not only facilitates marriages for widows, but also for the divorced and those who have never married.“It limits my ambitions in marriage to someone’s income.” Amal Seyam, the head of Gaza’s Women Affairs Association, an NGO, says the service appeared to have come at an opportune time to take advantage of changes in Gazan society.“Polygamy has hit high rates in Gaza over the few past years, seemingly due to an increase in people’s religious inclination, especially after Hamas took power in 2007,” says Seyam, referring to the militant group that rules over Gaza.My name is James Dowling I'm from Queens New York, I'm a widower and i have a son who means the whole world to me.I have been single for a while now because i have to be there for my son now he is 10 and he saying i shou.. I want a lot to have in life full of positive events and to create a family. I am inclined to restraint, noble manners, spiritual aspirat..

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